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Lizette Salas is the girl in the 2023 AT&T golf commercial

Sports and advertising have always been a perfect match: fans can enjoy their favorite athletes on TV and discover new products exposed by the advertising world. That’s why a brand like AT&T always fits two dimensions: it happened again in 2023, with an ad dedicated to golf fans and a girl not everyone knows: the protagonist of the female golfer in the ad is Lizette Salas: let’s find out more about he.

You can watch the 2023 AT&T golf commercial below.

Connecting Changes Everything: Lizette Salas | AT&T

Lizette Salas is the female golfer in the 2023 AT&T golf commercial

The female golfer in AT&T’s golf commercials releasing in 2023 is American golfer Lizette Salas. He was born on July 17, 1989, in Azusa, California, and grew up near Covina: when the AT&T commercial was released, he was 33 years old.

Salas played college golf at the University of Southern California (USC). He was the only USC sophomore athlete to be recognized as an All-American for four years. She has won one LPGA Tour event, the 2014 Kingsmill Championship, and has represented the United States at the Solheim Cup in 2013, 2017, and 2021. In addition to her success on the LPGA Tour, Salas has also won on the Symetra Tour and on the Ladies European Tour.

AT&T’s advertisements reveal the distinctive background behind the most successful athletes: parents who care for the passions of their young children and go the extra mile for special lessons and schools, to let children’s talents flourish. In the commercial, we see a fictitious father booking professional golf lessons for little Lizette, embarking on a growth path that turned her into a champion.

Its commercial slogan is “connect by calling”, reminding us that sometimes small steps are enough to overcome your life.

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