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TikTok Moon Phase Soulmate Compatibility Trend: is it true?

There’s a new sheriff in town: a fad that’s taking over TikTok as the test that will prove whether your partner is really your soulmate. You do this by finding your birthday’s moon phase and comparing it to your partner’s. If you’re lucky, the two moons can fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, forming a full moon, and you can declare victory: your true soulmate is by your side. But is it true? Is this test reliable from an astrological point of view? Let’s try to understand.

You can find here on TikTok examples of matched pairs according to this trend, whereas Here You find all videos under this trend.

TikTok Moon Phase Matchmaking Trend: Really? Astrological point of view

First, a little science: the lunar cycle shows how the moon receives light from the sun. Depending on the position of the Earth, Sun and Moon, we can see the Moon from Earth in different phases, from new moon to full moon to new moon again, in a cycle that lasts about 29 days. Therefore, every day the light that we see on the moon changes shape. And yes, every shape will have a specular phase that will occur about 14 days later, which means that whatever moon phase your birthday is, there will be another moon phase to match it, and many people are born on a moon shaped like yours. look for.

This tells us something else: from a statistical point of view, starting from the phase of the moon on your birthday, the probability that your partner is in the exact same phase as you is 1 in 29. That’s about 3.5% if you like math.

But what does Astrology have to say about it? Well, in a way, the moon has always been important for love, so how the trend of moon phases was born shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. All romantic souls recognize the pull that the moon plays on them, and that goes with the belief that the moon is intimately connected with our deepest feelings. Therefore, astrology attributes certain personality traits depending on the phase of the moon in your date of birth. For example, people born on a new moon prefer change and renewal, while people born under a full moon are more compatible with long-term commitments.

But the harsh reality is that there is no astrological basis for the moon phase soulmate compatibility trend that hit TikTok in 2023. The way the phase of your birthday moon determines your personality doesn’t really match the characteristics of people born in the compatible phase, according to astrology. What astrology supports in terms of compatibility is moon sign, which is the lunar zodiac sign on your birthday. That’s what gave rise to the concept of moon sign compatibility, which is testable here at cafeastrology.com. And yes, it has a strong astrological meaning!

If you need a deeper explanation, you can refer to This extensive article was recently published on today.com, offers a detailed look at TikTok moon phase soulmate compatibility trends from an astrological perspective. On the other hand, if you just want to enjoy a good trend on your favorite social network, then none of this really matters: you can go to birthday month calculator at phasesmoon.com, enter both dates and see how they match in the video. Then, you can post it on TikTok and done, you are also part of the trend.

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