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People are crazy about the 2023 Subaru commercial with dogs

Apparently, dogs are the real protagonists of the advertising world in 2023. The Super Bowl has already announced two big winners, with The Farmer’s Dog commercial considered the most emotional ad of the year’s edition and the storyline in the Amazon ad touching everyone’s hearts. What happened in February 2023 was a famous dog family returned for everyone’s delight: the Barkley family, who had been protagonists of Subaru commercials for years. Let’s take a look at the new installment of the Subary campaign for 2023.

Subaru commercial with dog released in 2023

More than one ad released by Subaru in 2023, with dogs belonging to the Barkley family. The most popular is probably the Crosstrek commercial, in which Teen Barkley parks his car in the garage, barking obsessively at a tennis ball. You can enjoy it below.

Dogs Tested | Garage Ball :30

This is the most mentioned Subaru ad among users on social networks, but it’s not the only thing that’s driving everyone crazy. In another viral ad, Teen (it’s always him) tries to sneak out of the house in his Solterra, but dad catches him right away. That’s odd, considering how quiet the electric car is. You can watch the ad Here.

Another Subaru commercial with the dog Barkley is this one with soccer practice and a not-so-happy coach in front of six puppies, and this one with family having fun off-road.

Originally, the Barkley family was a family of three Golden Retrievers and one Yellow Labrador Retriever. They started a series of “dog-tested” ads in 2013 with this legendary ad, and they went viral time and time again: for example, when their car somehow got soaked even without rain or when the phone navigator does not really understand the family language.

For Subaru, 2023 is a call to action. Does the world need dogs? Let’s give them an icon!

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